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Project - FarmingTrees


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SQUARES AND YARDS, is established by seasoned team of people in Financial services and Real estate industry. Has strong potential in Open plots and farmland projects clubbed with Sri Gandham Cultivation.

We do thorough study of the land, project viability, legal implications and growth opportunities before entering into the project for smoother functionality. We build the TRUST of our customers with RIGHT PROPERTY Investment by having RIGHT Projects.

Project Farm Lands

Introduction of Sandalwood Farming Project . Sandalwood is one of tree species are the most widely accepted fragrant trees around the world. The aromatic wood retains its fragrance for decades and the wood is heavy and yellow in color. It is native to Australia and India, while the oil and wood of Indian sandalwood which is often referred as East Indian Sandalwood is highly valued in the world market. The highly valued aromatic oil, which is in yellow color is extracted from both tree wood and roots. The sandalwood odor persists in articles made of sandalwood for decades. It is an evergreen tree with slow growth rate reaching a height of about 10 to 15 m with girth size up to 1 to 2.5 m. It takes nearly 15 years for the tree to reach economic activity. The sandalwood tree grows well on various sets of environmental and climatic conditions such as altitude, rainfall, soil, and etc.

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The founder of SQUARES AND YARDS, Chandra Sekhar Byra, has an overall experience of over 15+ years in Sales, Business Development, Distribution Management & Training.

He has wide experience in Insurance, Finance & Real Estate industries. Natural understanding abilities of financial needs of individuals/families and prudent management with customer investments have made him a most preferred investments advisor in the customers circle.

His leadership abilities have helped many families to gain ever required economic independence and sustain the increasing cost of living.



Mr. Ajay Babu Byra, is an engineering graduate and an IT professional turned Entrepreneur, diversified businessman. Has strongest foray into diversified businesses and providing employment. With rich business background and expertise into REAL ESTATE industry, his vision to provide Low investment HIGH Returns is the key success factor.