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Agriculture with White sandalwood?

White Sandalwood is an integral part of Indian culture and tradition. It is sacred and aromatic. Historically, we always harvested sandalwood from forests. Today, deforestation and exponential demand for sandalwood has made sandalwood an endangered tree species. India is currently importing small amounts of sandalwood from other countries. Therefore, commercial cultivation of sandalwood is very much needed for the present and future sandalwood market demand. Today, a few Australian companies grow Indian sandalwood on a commercial basis and export it to the world market. There is a high demand for sandalwood in India and the world over. It will continue to grow because almost all forest sources of sandalwood are fast getting depleted. Sandalwood as part of integrated multi-crop farming system is sustainable and financially rewarding.

What is White Sandalwood?

White Sandalwood is a tropical, oil-bearing tree, known for its aromatic fragrant properties. It has been processed and traded since ancient times and was considered as precious as gold. Sandalwood is the world’s most valuable tree and is nearing extinction in the wild forests.

What are White Sandalwood products?

Pure Oil
Steam-distilled essential oil that’s ideal for fragrances, cosmetics and in many other things of our day to day life

Wood Powder
Powdered heartwood used in cosmetics and for traditional usage. The wood that remains after oil extraction used to make incense.

Traditional Techniques
Indian White Sandalwood has been used for thousands of years in Ayurveda. It is used for a wide range of body conditions.

The properties of White Sandalwood make it a preferred cosmetic ingredient.

White Sandalwood makes a perfume last longer. It is a classical fragrance ingredient majority of quality perfumes contain sandalwood oil.

Worship & Carvings
In India Wood and powder are used for many daily religious rituals, tilak as well as events like weddings. Heartwood is used in small and large carvings. These carvings are used for worship, artistry and investments.

Location Highlights

  • Kanha Shanti vanam in 2000 Acres @ Cheguru Village
  • My Home Mega Project @ Thimmapur
  • IT, SEZ's, Indu, Brahmani, TCS
  • Symbiosis University
  • Videocon, MAC Project
  • Asia's Biggest Railway Hub @ Thimmapur
  • Johnson & Johnson & Amazon.in
  • International Airport is just 15km Drive
  • JIMS Hospital & Homeopathic College
  • Institute of Management Technology (IMT)
  • Proctor & Gamble India Limited
  • Sri Ramanuja Charya Statue 216 Feet - height Chinna Jeeyar Ashram